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Solving Screen Time - The 3 Foundational Skills

** Secure your spot now for our Sept 14th session before it sells out. We only accept 50 students! **

Get ready for a positive change in how your family deals with screen time. Finally, you will have a plan for helping your child use technology in a healthy and balanced way. 

What you'll get from the course:

  • Quick and concise instructional videos taught by clinical psychologist Dr. Demi Rhine 
  • Live coaching sessions with Dr. Demi, who will ensure you have what you need to be successful
  • Practical examples and tips to incorporate your learning at home with your kids
  • Materials that reinforce your learning and ways to practice at home

What People Are Saying:

“If I am being completely honest, I was a little hesitant on taking this course due to the fact that I thought I was already handling technology in my home the best way possible. Boy was I wrong...Beyond Limits Academy completely blew my mind!! I'm an educator and mother of 2 young girls who love their phones (a little more than I'd like). Dr. Demi has given me easy to use strategies to limit screen time in a way that does not cause tension in our family and empowers us all to make better choices. I am so thankful that I took this course and think that it is a game changer for all families.”

Carolina W.

“Beyond Limits Academy has been so helpful for me and my family! As a mother of four, technology was a huge concern of mine. The methods I learned in this course really helped me to view technology in a positive way, gave me ways to navigate limiting screen time with my children, and even gave me tips to help me limit screen time for myself! Dr. Demi is wonderful and her live Facebook videos are super helpful as well. I truly feel anyone with children would benefit from this course!!”

Denise S.

“Prior to taking the Beyond Limits course I felt like I was the tech police with my 13 year old daughter out of fear. It was causing a lot of tension between us. But since the course, we have had great open conversations that have caused a shift in MY own mindset. Now I feel like we have some great agreements and are on a continuum of learning for the long term. The course made so much sense and has helped me think about technology use in a completely different way.”

Ruth S.

“Tech use is a big topic and I didn't even know where to start. This course really opened my eyes and made the issue of screen time less daunting. Shifting my mindset alone has changed how I talk to my daughter about using technology and made it more of a collaboration vs. a battle. I've found that the core skills are not only helping her set a solid foundation early on, but I'm actually learning to use my devices in a better way too.”

Liliahn J.

“We were struggling with our son’s tech use. Nothing we tried was working. This was all causing tension and conflict in our family. After we took the Beyond Limits course we realized that we were approaching it all wrong. We learned skills for healthy tech use that helped not only our son but also ourselves! Things are so much better. Thank You.”

David R.