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Take the Course!

Imagine your child saying "Mom, I'm done with my screen time. I'm going outside now."


This is possible.


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Beyond Limits 'Solving Screen Time' Courses

An approach to screen time that actually works

Tired of the screen time struggles? 

With Covid, screen time has reached a whole new level and parents feel anxious and left without a plan

Most screen time resources focus on limiting access to devices and apps. While limits are part of the solution limits don’t teach your child how to manage their own tech use. We have to move beyond just limits. 


There is a way forward.   

Clinical psychologist Dr. Demi Rhine has been teaching children and teens self-regulation for over a decade. She brings the most effective strategies from her practice to address the issue of tech (mis)use. In these courses, Dr. Demi shows parents how to set their kids up to learn the skills needed for balanced and healthy tech use. 

These skills can, and should, be taught to every child. 


What does it take?  

A mindset shift, a clear plan, and two core skills. 

Dr. Demi has taken complex psychological concepts, years of clinical practice, and experience as a mother of two children and distilled it down into an easy to follow workshop-style course for busy parents.

Save yourself the stress of screen time battles and endless digital worries. Get your screen time plan right the first time. 

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*This course is not designed for young people or adults who have significant personal challenges stemming from technology use. Resolving these problems may require a more personalized approach with a licensed professional.


What you get in the 'Solving Screen Time' Courses

  • Workshop-style courses designed to fit into busy lifestyles (time commitment is less than 2 hrs/course )
  • Personalized screen time contract
  • Bi-weekly LIVE Q&A sessions with Beyond Limits founders
  • Printables to do with your child 
  • Helpful workbook to reinforce learning and implementation
  • Lifelong access to the course and materials
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The End of Screen Time Conflict: You’ll learn a mindset that will connect you to your child and allow you to guide them toward balanced, responsible screen time use. 


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Peace of Mind: You'll gain the confidence that comes from having a plan. We’ll show you the one and only rule you need for screen time and how to motivate your child to follow the plan. 


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Long-Term Solutions: With this approach, you give your child a skill set for healthy screen time that lasts a lifetime. We'll tell you exactly what to teach your child and how. what to teach your child and how.what to teach your child and how. 


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Success at Home: We'll provide you with a framework so you know how to handle common screen time challenges.  



Foundation Course (for Parents): Self-paced, pre-recorded course for parents who want to learn to teach their kids how to use screen time responsibly.

PRETEEN COURSE COMING SOON: Launching this fall 2021 is the preteen course where we teach your child healthy and responsible screen time use. 

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David R.

“We were struggling with our son’s tech use. Nothing we tried was working. This was all causing tension and conflict in our family.  After we took the Beyond Limits course we realized that we were approaching it all wrong. We learned skills for healthy tech use that helped not only our son, but also ourselves! Things are so much better. Thank You.”



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Ruth S.

“Prior to taking the Beyond Limits course I felt like I was the tech police with my 13 year old daughter out of fear.  It was causing a lot of tension between us. But since the course, we have had great open conversations that have caused a shift in MY own mindset.  Now I feel like we have some great agreements and are on a continuum of learning for the long term. The course made so much sense and has helped me think about technology use in a completely different way.”

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Liliahn J.

"Tech use is a big topic and I didn't even know where to start. This course really opened my eyes and made the issue of screen time less daunting. Shifting my mindset alone has changed how I talk to my daughter about using technology and made it more of a collaboration vs. a battle. I've found that the core skills are not only helping her set a solid foundation early on, but I'm actually learning to use my devices in a better way too."

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